‘Living all together within the same Indian family gave us the opportunity to experience and learn about new cultures.  In the family we are introduced to a modest lifestyle, which allows us to comprehend the daily realities for a rural community in India.  This is an incredible opportunity to experience and discover their music, smells, peaceful way of life and unique culture.’
                                                                                                         -Elise Desloges, Canada

            ‘Jeevan’s family welcomed me into their house and I enjoyed spending time helping with their chores or just playing with them.  My only real problem whilst staying at ROSE was homesickness but the children would cheer me up by putting flowers in my hair or drawing with me.  They are lovely people and I will never forget them.  I have fond memories of Gunja trying to teach me to wash my clothes at the well.  I really did appreciate all the delicious meals that were prepared by Jeevan’s wife and children.  Thank you so much!’
                                                                                                              -Polly Rathbone, UK

            ‘The altitude where we are staying is 2800 meters and sometimes it is hard to breathe.  The view is so wonderful that it doesn’t matter.  There are many hills to go down and up, there are no cars about, just little stoney paths.’
                                                         -Amy Dorman and Stephanie Humberest, Switzerland

            ‘I spent a short spell of 3 weeks at ROSE in Kanda.  I found the experience totally worthwhile and informative…It helped me to really accept how little I understand this amazingly vast world and how much I am in no position to judge anyone else’s behaviour, culture, etc. or even my own for that matter.’
                                                                                                     -Andrew Daube, Australia

            ‘Life at Jeevan's house is relatively comfortable ... (but) you can see all around poor families that suffer from a lack of resources. This ... makes you realize that most of your problems are unimportant.’
                                                                                                     -Eric Samson, Canada

            ‘The experience I gained here will always remain as on my most precious possessions.’
                                                                                                     -Reiko Yoshida, Japan

            ‘I will be incredibly sad to leave Kanda ... I will miss everyday life with the Vermas. Life here can be harsh, especially for the women, but they people are hardy ,inquisitive and open.’
                                                                                                     -Carol Kitchener , UK

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