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How do I get to Kanda?

I don’t want to worry about organizing transportation – just get me there already!

JeevanVerma can book your train tickets ahead of time, arrange for hotel stay in Haldwani and a safe car ride to Kanda.  Here’s how:

  • Send an email to Jeevan with the following information:
    • date you would like to leave New Delhi
    • Seat  type (see  train classes below)
    • Overnight accommodation in Haldwani
  • Jeevan will confirm train availability and booking
  • You will be picked up at the Haldwani train station and taken to your hotel
  • The next morning, you will be driven to Kanda with gorgeous views of the mountains

Although, Haldwani and Kanda are on XX kms away, the car ride takes 7 hours through winding hills.

How do I get to Kanda by train on my own?

  • Go to the Tourist Bureau office at New Delhi train station (Patnagani Station??)
  • Purchase one of the following train tickets to Haldwani.  Haldwani is the nearest city to Kanda with a train station.

Option 1: Train #15013 - Ranikhetexpress

      • Departure Station: Platform 5 at Old Delhi Railway station
      • Departure time: 10:40pm
      • Arrival time:  4:36am +1 day
      • Best value: A3 Sleeper (air conditioned with a sleeper)

Option 2: Train # 15035 – UttarakhandSamparkKranti express

      • Departure Station: Platform 5 at Old Delhi Railway station
      • Departure time: 4:00pm
      • Arrival: 10:06pm
      • Best value seats: 2nd Sitting (Rs. 84 as at Oct 2012)
      • Good seats: AC Chair (Rs.297 as at Oct 2012)

Note:  Purchase your return ticket if you know your dates to save yourself the hassle of booking at the Kanda post office.
Option 1: Train #15014 - Ranikhet Express 

Departure: 20:58
Option 2: Train #15036 – UttarakhandSamparkKranti express
OPTION:  12039 Katgodam-Deli AnandVihar T Shatabdi express
Departure: 4:03pm

How do I get to Kanda by bus?

You can also travel comfortably by Volvo coach buses from Delhi to Kanda.  This is an alternative if you are unable to get a train ticket for the dates you’d like to travel. xx million people travelling by train everyday , so trains book up quickly if tickets are not purchased ahead of time.
Option 1:
Option 2: 

ROSE Accommodations

Here are some recommended accommodations in New Delhi and Haldwani.  Recommendation comes from past R.O.S.E volunteers.

New Delhi

  • Value: Virek Hotel can by booked through
    • Address:
  • Splurge: WoodCastel Hotel – 4.5 out of 5 on
    • Address:


If you arrive by the over-night train, you will need to stay in Haldwani before heading to Kanda.  Here are some of the recommended places to stay in Haldwani.  
Splurge: Comfort Inn
Try to get more details, especially the time by train. We booked our flights and we will be at Madras on Dec 15th evening and returning on Jan 13th. We are planning to visit South temples till the end end of Dec and start to Delhi, Haridwar, Varanasi, Gaya and Prayaga and return to Madras by Jan Jan 6-7. This is our tentative plan. We are not sure which is best way: whether to visit varanasi and come to Haridrwar or other way.Do we have to fligh from Delhi to Haridwa or by train/car and is there flights from Haridwar to Varanasi or from only Delhi. There seems to be a place called Mathru Gaya and how far is it from Delhi? Contact a travel agent by phone and they should be able to guide. Sorry for lot of questions.

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